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Founded nearly a decade ago, the 'Always With A Smile' foundation has grown into one of the most inspiring and successful non-profit goodwill movements in the UK.


At its heart is the belief that every single one of us has the power to make a positive impact on the world through the power of a smile...


To learn more about the foundation and how you can get involved, please click the about tab...


With the 'Always With A Smile' foundation, making the world a happier place has never been so much fun!

The aims of the 'Always With A Smile' foundation are simple... Firstly, to raise money and awareness for charities and good causes. Secondly, to inspire and motivate people to do something that they and never before considered. And finally, to make the world a happier place by putting a smile on the face of as many people as possible.


Since its conception, AWAS has taken part in well over 300 different events...


This extraordinary achievement has led to significant national recognition, as well as a close association between the foundation and the many different charitable bodies, good causes and events that have benefited from foundations ideology.

To see how 'Always With A Smile' has become one of the most celebrated altruistic bodies in Britain, simply take a look at the event  gallery and AWAS TV pages.


Alternatively, to see what wonderful events are coming up for the foundation click on the event calendar tab.


You can also follow the latest event exploits of the 'Always With A Smile' foundation by clicking on the AWAS magazine!


In the current issue, you can see what happened at the Rainbows Hospice Over 18's Christmas Party!

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Whilst a picture can say a thousand words, sometimes you have to see it to believe it!


The 'Always With A Smile' foundation showreel provides an extraordinary glimpse into the simple yet brilliant ethos of the UK's most fun-loving organisation.

Rainbows Hospice Christmas Party 2014